Case Study



Our client wanted to create an identity through best practice.

In this case one size does fit all! Our client has a selection of stunning holiday parks across the UK, each very much with their own personality and feel, including the restaurant and bar outlets.


We were asked to come up with a solution to thread a common identity across the portfolio, so their owners and guests felt at home in whichever establishment they visited.

Having workshopped our ideas with various key activists in the business, we developed a suite of best practices performed through signature moments, personality driven touchpoints and artful execution (keeping it simple but slick).

We also created a set of CPD’s (superpower hours!) for each of the signature moments which allowed all new staff to receive effective and impactful short training hubs over the first month, bringing them up to speed with the rest of the team. This also allowed the managers and L&D team who delivered the training more flexibility in finding time to deliver the training sessions.