Activations & Events


Party & Event Catering

Since 2000 we have worked with some fantastic clients to deliver exceptional catering and service levels for their parties and events, be it a wedding in the grounds of their home, a gala dinner in a disused warehouse, to an intimate cocktail & canape party.

We are a team of ambitious people, who’s individual skillsets blend wholly together to produce end results that meet, and on many occasions surpass our clients expectations.

Our travels have taken us from the home counties to as far as Hong Kong and Bahrain. Wherever we go our values remain the same, take pride in what you do, and inject a sense of passion into every layer of the proceedings.

When we plan your party, we plan it solely with your vision in mind. We will never deviate from it, on the contrary, we will always try to elaborate and spotlight all your key highlights, and bring it fully to life, delivering and surpassing the sense of occasion.


Activations & Events

Repurposing the space within a place, feeding consumer intrigue and social appetite for engaging event propositions.


Whether you are reinventing a space to give it a new lease of life supporting a particular promotion or event, or you’re reenergising a piece of real estate in a hotel or part of a restaurant to expand the depth and variety of your existing offer, we can help imagine and deliver the entire proposition from creation to delivery, with all the supporting branding, visual ID and design.


We have years of experience in premium event delivery and are used to executing highly demanding briefs with logistical and conceptual challenges. We have a talent pool that allows us to mobilise for large scale events or service highly exclusive activations for smaller groups and audiences.


As well as our pool of exceptional event chefs, Theo Randall and Simon continue to collaborate on some fantastic parties showcasing amazing dishes and service solutions.


Immersive Theatre

Lincoln knows how to create unbelievable shows. Using immersive theatre we tell tales as wild as our imaginations will allow.


With over 15 years experience in the theatre and TV industry we are experts in designing and performing stories to make you laugh, cry and cheer. The idea of play is at the heart of our work and our team works with writers, directors and choreographers to create bold and exciting experiences. Our performers deliver these stories with skill, flare and unrivalled energy resulting in unforgettable immersive experiences that leave the audience wanting more.