Pioneering Hospitality Solutions IN F&B Curation, Experiences
& Operational Modelling

Lincoln is a multi-disciplinary hospitality studio, big on ideas and innovations with a deep understanding of operations and mobilisation to compliment early stage thinking.

We ensure the ideation is feasible right from the start, maximising its potential for the key stakeholders, giving the proposition deep roots and longevity in the community and a far stretching reputation.

We weigh in with strong credentials in specific fields offering a unique perspective that also ties in brand identity and interior design, lessening the need for our clients to engage with multiple contractors


Meet The Team

About Lincoln Hospitality Studio
About Lincoln Hospitality Studio

The Team

Image of company Founder, Simon Cromack

Simon Cromack


Image of our Operational Modelling, Training Solutions & Delivery, Janice Cooper

Janice Cooper


(Operational Modelling, Training Solutions
& Delivery)
Image of Sam Dunham, Immersive Theatre & Performance

Sam Dunham

Immersive Theatre & Performance

Image of James Adam, Food Development & Design

James Adams

Food Development & Design

Image of Theo Randall, Events Partner

Theo Randall

Events Partner

Image of Wayne Horo, F&B Concepting,  Insights and Trends

Wayne Horo

F&B Concepting, Insights and Trends

Image of Oli Shute, Events Mobilisation & Delivery

Oli Shute

Events Mobilisation & Delivery

Image of Jasmine Ebdon-Taylor, Events Stylist


Event Stylist

Image of Paul Gallagher, Private Household Operations Specialist  & Menu Development

Paul Gallagher

Private Household Operations Specialist & Menu Development

Image of Ben Webb, Brand Experience & Interior Design

Ben Webb

Brand Experience & Interior Design

Image of Helen Gilbert, Brand Strategy & Identity Design

Helen Gilbert

Brand Strategy & Identity Design

Ben Floyd our Events Head Chef

Ben Floyd

Events Head Chef